Forever Young Massage Centre

Forever Young Chinese Medicine & Massage Centre provides a highly professional service for those seeking access to traditional Chinese Medical remedies and therapies in the London area. Having been established some years ago, and already developed a reputation for the highest quality provision of qualified alternative/complimentary therapies, the Centre came under new management in December 2016. We are now moving forward with a dynamic strategy and determination to build and expand our services, and brand, and reinforce the fact that our customers are ALWAYS our most important priority.

Our 2017 mission statement is:

To continue to provide the highest possible level of service to our current clients, and to extend and develop knowledge of our services across the whole of the Greater London Area.

To focus on providing a 5 star Customer Care and satisfaction programme, and streamline our channels of communication so that we can be contacted by our clients much more easily. To improve our own communication with clients, so that we can help you to take advantage of special offers which we may be running from time to time.

We will initiate a much higher internet profile, which includes the launch of our new internet website ( which will evolve further in the coming year ), in order that we can provide much more detailed information to our clients and potential clients about our services. We will include details of what therapies we offer, background information about them, and how they can actually work for you to bring relief from a range of painful and debilitating conditions.